Camas Early Learning Center (CELC)

The Camas Early Learning Center (CELC)  is an early childhood education facility that places importance upon each individual child in a fun, active, educational environment within the Camas Center for Community Wellness.  

Since opening in 2008, the 77,000-square-foot wellness complex has become a hub of activity with hundreds of members from neighboring communities.

Our Philosophy

The Camas Early Learning Center places importance upon each individual child.

The program is designed to provide for
  • The physical health, safety, and comfort of each child. 
  • An organized social environment that encourages constructive communication and interaction with others.
  • Planned activities which encourage self-confidence, allow for development of creativity, promote coordination and physical movement, and provide intellectual stimulation.
  • Cultural and language development of the Kalispel Tribe of Indians.
  • Promoting brain development for the first 5 year of a child’s life, thus readying the child for kindergarten and the school system.

The physical arrangements and emotional climate will demonstrate special consideration for the needs and interest of the children who are living and learning within a particular environment. Emphasis is placed on providing experiences to enrich their daily lives. Culturally and developmentally appropriate activities will be provided.

Staff will encourage children to see themselves as worthwhile individuals who are able to: 
  • Act constructively and independently
  • Problem solve creatively
  • Communicate feelings, problems, and ideas
  • Compromise, negotiate and cooperate

With the above mentioned items in mind, the staff will act as resources, exposing children to a wide range of materials, ideas, experiences, and facts for the children to explore, experiment with and assimilate with according to their individual rates of development. The staff will provide guidance and facilitate the learning process while adjusting to the pace and capabilities of each child. The program will provide each child with ample opportunities for success within a secure and affectionate environment.

Kalispel Language Teachers

The CELC has Salish speaking teachers who teach the language to our children, staff, parents and the community.  Sharing the language and culture of the Kalispel Tribe with the people of this area helps strengthen our community.  Every student and every staff member takes a Salish lesson every day.

Participating in Early Achievers & Start Healthy Now

Early Achievers, Washington’s quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), is voluntary for licensed child care providers and helps early learning programs achieve increasing levels of high-quality care. Early Achievers helps families find high quality child care and early learning programs with the help of an easy-to-understand rating system.

CELC works with an early learning professional coach who offers assistance and resources for the staff to support each child’s learning and development, provide enriching environments and improve teacher/child interactions. Research shows this kind of assistance helps providers improve the quality of their programs. And when more young children are ready for school, we all benefit!

Early Achievers rates the quality of child care and early education programs on a scale of 1 to 5. Higher ratings demonstrate a track record of delivering high-quality care. Providers can move up the rating scale by completing milestones and gaining points through an evaluation. The CELC has achieved a level 4 rating.

The CELC was recognized for participating in Smart Healthy Start Now (SHSN) to improve children’s health by training the childcare staff who care for them.  SHSN, a federally-funded initiative, increases healthful eating, physical activity, and awareness of adverse childhood experiences.

As part of SHSN:
  • Cooks were trained on whole food cooking and using whole foods like quinoa and lentils
  • Staff were engaged in learning creative and brain-developing physical activities
  • Staff were trained on child behavior and development

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program

The CELC participates in the state funded Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).  ECEAP is an income-based program designed to aid 3 and 4 year old children and their families.  To promote school success, ECEAP provides preschool education, family support, and health and nutrition services. 

Below are some quotes from a recent ECEAP Parent-Teacher Conferences.

“I couldn’t ask for better teachers when it came to my child and his learning experiences and great adventures.”
“It has always been an awesome program for our family.”
“The program and staff are amazing.”
“I think the teachers work very hard with special needs of all the children.”