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Health & Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

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Wellness refers to complete health, rather than just your physical health. Wellness is not only being free of disease, illness, or stress but also having a purpose in life, being emotionally healthy, taking an active involvement in your work and in your leisure time, having joyful relationships and being happy.​​​  Wellness involves all aspects of your life beyond your physical health. To enjoy fulfilled and happy lives, it is important to take care of your well-being and to invest time in your wellness.

Physical wellness involves eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, doing enough regular physical activity, and preventing and managing illness and health conditions. Not being physically healthy can lead to numerous health problems or diseases. Developing a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices will improve your overall wellness.

Social wellness involves having a strong support network, feeling connected to other peoples, and having a sense of belonging. Feeling isolated, lonely, or disconnected from others can lead to negative physical and mental health outcomes. Healthy relationships we make with family and friends are essential to our wellbeing, both social, emotional, and spiritual.

The important takeaways about wellness are that it is important to nourish and focus on all dimensions of health: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social. All of the aspects of your wellness are connected and impact each other. When one dimension suffers, others suffer too. When you thrive in one area, other areas will thrive too. To be healthy, happy, and fulfilled, it is important to identify your wellness needs and work towards making sure that they are fulfilled.

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